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The Industry Of Web Hosting

January 7, 2013

What is web hosting? Every page we surf on the Internet has its own domain and data. A web hosting service makes a particular page of an individual available through the World Wide Web. That particular data is stored in a space provided on a server that is owned by the web hosting company that provides that service. In other words, all of that data is transmitted to computers around the world via these powerful servers and the Internet. There are five web hosting providers that stand above the rest. Hostigator is the top rated web hosting provider with an affordable price range and a good variety of available services. Other good web hosting providers include justhost, iPage, and hostmonster.

Another good example of web hosting is a shared web hosting service. This type of web hosting is more cost effective and user friendly. Here, customers share space on a big server, but instead of a company lending them the space, they all pay for it as a group.

It is thanks to the technology of web hosting that so many people are able to share what they want around the world. Without these powerful servers, and the services to make them useful, the Internet would not be a fraction of what it is today.

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